Thursday, 24 February 2011

The problem with being ill...

Back at the end of January I caught flu from a very kind person who was doing their best to spread viruses and bacteria to all and sundry.

After 5 days of feeling dead, I finally managed to shake off the temperature, and my brain began working again ... kinda.

But after 3 more weeks of a near constant headache, sinus discomfort, and a very mild temperature - more on than off, ... I've finally had to admit that I am, in actual fact, still not recovered.


I've made an appointment to see the doc next week. I don't want to, I can already imagine what he'll say, I feel as though I am totally wasting my time even considering going. But this constant f*cking headache is really grinding me down.

And the problem with feeling like crap is that it tends to lead me to commit rant.
Very unhealthy.

Just because I feel crappy, I shouldn't be taking it out on innocent bystanders [Specially not when they are people I like, and respect, and want to work with.]

I just wish I could get my head properly clear and lose this darned headache!

And yes, this is another rant. *rolls eyes*

The catarrh pastilles have run out. And alcohol is failing to solve the problem (there's a surprise)
I'm off to buy more. Of the anti catarrh pastille thingies.
*reads blurb on old packet* "If symptoms do not go away, talk to your doctor." - - I AM! NEXT WEEK!


EDIT: 2nd March 2011
The doctor lived down to my expectations.

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