Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Fall....


Fun, huh? Specially when they conflict and you are getting different takes from different corners of the globe. *rolls eyes*

Now in a screenplay, conflict is a good thing, desirable. Keeps the audience on their toes and glued to the seat. :) Good stuff.

Conflicting story notes, ... keeps the screenwriter on their toes and glued to the seat. ;) *bangs head against wall*

Apparently the immortal (or near as damnit) has to become mortal. Which, generally, you'd think would be easy enough to change? It's one of those dead simple notes ... that CHANGES THE ENTIRE DARNED SCREENPLAY!

Imagine you have a ghost in your story, but the producer doesn't like ghosts (and presumably wants the killer to be easier for the audience to relate to?) and wants it changed to not be a ghost. So your supernatural horror has just become a serial killer horror.
You still have the word horror in there! What on earth is the problem? Hurry up already-o! Chop-chop! New script NOW please!

It's a bit like being asked to turn a vampire story into a werewolf story ... different rules, you see. Different emphasis applies throughout.
Actually vampires and werewolves is not a good example of what I'm on about. One is slinky and hypnotic and rips your throat out, while the other is slinky and hungry and rips your throat out. ... Well, ... nevermind. They are different types of story, you get the gist.
Think aliens verses chuppacapras; one is science fiction, the other is cryptozoology. Different world rules apply in each. (well, they should, if you want the story to be any good)


Maybe I'm overthinking this?

But internally I need to understand the world I'm writing about. It needs to make sense to me - if no one else.


The lifecycle of the fruitfly.

Maybe I should research that instead?

(Is lifecycle one word or two? What about fruitfly?)

*goes back to bashing head against wall*

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