Tuesday, 24 February 2009

vaguely organised chaos

Well, I'm de-stressing a bit ... possibly I'm just getting used to living in chaos, but mostly because it turns out I have a knack for blowing up computers. ;)

*rolls eyes*

I think it's actually because the hormones are kicking in - I'm one of three women in an office of over 100 men. Lucy would love it! And troubleshooting computers is turning out to be a bit more fun than I thought as well. So double bonus! :)
- - Nothing like a bit of problem solving to lighten the day.

And lets face it, that's what writers are essentially, problem solvers. So I get to use that part of my brain that gets me high when I write, kind-a, in a non-writing way.

Also definitely good for research. Encountering all sorts of techy things that will come in useful when constructing worlds / stories / characters that make use of this stuff.

Actual writing is a bit thin on the ground at the moment though, because I'm spending much of my spare time on computer homework ... I haven't done homework in over a decade! LOL

I'm ignoring much of the other chaos that's happening. Prioritise needs, that's the ticket. Deal with what needs dealing with first and do the rest later. The car situation is inching its way up to the top of the list pretty quickly though.

Writing is nagging me in the background as well, as soon as this training is over I'm going to dive back into that with a vengeance.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Life, can upon occasion be very frustrating.

Changing jobs, impending change of car, and a whole lot of personal things I'm not going to go into here are all conspiring to cause me stress.

I am however managing to write in the little spare time I have - in between researching how to make computers explode. :) ... Some of the writing is even readable. :)

*rolls eyes*

Feeling unsettled really doesn't help me relax. Hopefully this period of prolonged chaos will be over soon and I can unwind again.

Until then, if you meet a wild-eyed woman grinding her teeth noisily, and perhaps growling from time to time ... it's probably me.

Oh yeah,