Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Effective advertising....

1.30pm and my stomach was grumbling, a lot. So I headed to the kitchen, and idly glanced out of the window as I-- -- totally lost my train of thought.

There was a black Dalek blowing up the shop window across the street!
... Sorry, I'll try that again.
It wasn't quite that exciting.

There was a blow-up Dalek, a black one, in the window of the shop across the street.
- New shop, old premesis. - Made me forget everything. - Took me a moment to realise it was an inflatable Dalek. Not a real one.
Whoever heard of such a thing?! (Well, probably all of you. But muggins here doesn't get out much.)
My shocked and numbed brain managed to mumble "Great advertizing!" to me*.
Note to self: Utilize someone else's well known and eye-catching brand to more effectively promote and advertise your own services.

Then I wondered why I was in the kitchen, and my body reminded me "LUNCH, YOU BARBARIAN! GET ON WITH IT!" - - "Um, you'll be hungry, then?" "GET ON WITH IT! FOOD! NOW!" "Okay, okay. Keep your hair on."

Highlight of my month.
I'm trying to work out how sad it is that I can admit that...?
No, don't answer.

Back to writing!

*What? I'm a writer, I need to be able to compartmentalise bits of my personality.
Well, that's my** excuse.... Anyway, Nothing to see here! Move along!

** See: *