Monday, 29 September 2008

F**K! It's nearly October.

Where does all the time go?


Apparently a verbal agreement is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Yeah, okay, we all know this. I know this.

But being the publishing business, I assumed a verbal agreement to publish a book was just that, an agreement to publish a book. - - The book. - - The book that I've just spent an age working on.

I realise in the film industry, as a writer, you get smoke blown up your arse all the time and things have to not only be signed, and sealed, but also have to be delivered in order to be considered as a pot you can safely count your chickens in. But I somehow thought that being paper and bindings and all stable things you can touch, the book industry was different. More solid somehow.

Films are all about smoke and mirrors.

Books are ... paperweights.

You can use books to anchor down more flimsey things, such as shopping lists and notes about interesting things you've seen and heard that'll be great for that scene when... - - when they aren't being read. The smaller dictionary I have makes a great paperweight for all my notes, and it's handily in reach on my desk at all times too! Books are more real... Except, it turns out they're not.

Anyhow, I'm gnashing my teeth. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

After a lot of work I have now been told that "things have moved on" and my book is not going to be published afterall.

I knew I should have asked for a contract way back when. I feel really stupid.

Chalk it all up to lessons learned.

Excuse me while I go and sob into my coffee...

...and then I have to get on with that film rewrite.

And find a new publisher.

And ... does anyone know a good hitman? ;)

Darn! Procrastination just doesn't seem to be an available option today.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Quick update

Scotland was great. You should all visit!

Aberdeen was particularly fine. The granite city has everything on offer* including glorious long golden sandy beaches which are almost empty -- all the kids are indoors playing on their Wii's or something. The nutters. (*think of it, it's there - except maybe camel racing? But they could. Business opportunity for some fearless soul!) It even has some trecherous swell at the front of the harbour, which means that every boat that comes in has to have a pilot sent out to bring it in otherwise it's likely to smash itself to bits. Drama!

Aside from the castle trail and the distillery trail - what more could you need I ask. Aside from those, you've got all kinds of wildlife including buffalo and ostriches!
I dunno, you go to Scotland to see red squirrels, and instead you get buffalo... *rolls eyes*

Don't believe me, go see for yourselves!

... My attempt to hide didn't work though. I came back to notes, and crushing hope, because even if the script never sees the light of celluloid those notes are going to make the story a lot stronger. They've discussed it and everyone in the office still likes it, apparently, including their director who might just possibly maybe be interested in making it. Although they're reading other scripts at the moment as well. - - That's one effective torture system they've perfected there.
Screenwriter's life. ... I'd better get used to it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Death by encouragement.


This can't be right.

They say they like it.
It has potential, but needs work in some areas - - as all scripts do.
They'll be discussing it this week and then they'll get back to me.

It must be a wind up. ... Or they're insane. ... Or my plan of beating all the other screenplays out of the competition by getting there first has worked! (Because while I have the delusion that I am good, I'll be the first to admit that I am not Joss Whedon - the lack of male bits kinda gives that away.)

Thank you Mr Barron for imparting true *secret* screenwriter wisdom in your blog! Being first is obviously the key to success! Hoorah!

*slap's self across cheek* Calm down woman. You're getting all over excited. They're just being polite. They really hate it. It's some perfected form of screenwriter torture that they've developed. And once they've discussed the screenplay, they'll come back with a pass. *heaves shoulders and sighs*

Okay, I'm off to hide in Scotland for a week. Maybe they'll have forgotten all about that dratted thing by the time I return? Then I can get back to my quietly hectic life of trying to squeeze enough time out of the day to actually sit in front of the laptop.

Way hey! Aberdeen here I come! :)