Saturday, 6 December 2008

Running on empty

Working every hour there is has managed to pay the bills so far. But, it is physically draining. - - And then about 3 weeks ago I finally exhausted the tank and I've been running on empty ever since. ... Which was kind of okay; with Christmas coming up I was due two weeks off from one of my jobs, so that would have been a nice restful break. I could have stoked the furnaces and then got right back to it. :)

However that job has just informed me that my services are no longer required. The credit crunch just bit me! Ouch! And my first reaction was an overwhelming sense of relief.

I have officially been told that I can relax.

The problem is, I think I relaxed too much and something important went SPANG!

The last time I felt like this was the day after I finished my English 'O' Level and my ability to spell the word and evaporated. I knew it had three letters and that there was an 'n' in it, but I sat there looking at the sentence I was writing for 10 minutes and I could not figure out how to write it. In the end I left a three letter space and kept writing. A paragraph later the word the threatened to do the same thing, so in my best inner Monty Python general's voice I said "Stop it! That's silly!" and the sprang back into sharp focus, and and jumped back in at the same time. I went back and filled it in.

Never had that problem again until just now. But instead of it being just the word and, I seem to be having a global creativity failure. I can't tell if anything I'm writing is good anymore. I read it, and it's just ... words. Maybe it's a variation on writer's block?

I'm fairly sure that I relaxed the wrong muscle in my skull and my brain has fallen out.

If found please mail it back to me?

Eleanor Piper
High Security Ward
The Assylum
The Wilds of Devon