Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Rejection pending...

Sent off the Tarot book to yet another publisher. So won't wait for the rejection letter, I'll get straight back to the writing.

See, I'm learning.

"Don't wait." is rule number# ...? something. According to ... someone or other professional's blog I read ages ago.

Way hey! At least I've learned that much. :)


potdoll said...

would love to hear more about tarot. how did you get into it?

Eleanor said...

Like most people, I was a teenager once.... ;)

I'm considering setting up another blog, about the tarot. The card archetypes are a great springboard for writing - as they kinda hold both character and story-seed within them.

So the "How I Got In To The Tarot" post would belong in there, as and when I get around to setting that up.

Sorry my lovely, I think you'll have to wait a minim or two, while I get my act together and sort that out.

Thanks for the motivation!

potdoll said...

look forward to it Eleanor!