Monday, 25 May 2009

Have I told you about ... ?

Producer no#3.

Another beautiful, muscular shark sliding silently through the water, swimming by on his way to ... somewhere else.

He seemed very nice, if rather laconic. When he wanted to cross the threshold / take the relationship further, like a good prostitute I requested a conversation about finances and - - he was never heard from again.

I think enough time has passed that I am safe writing / telling you about this. And let's face it I'm not exactly giving you the longitude and latitude of his secret base. ;)

Makes me wonder if I'm blowing opportunities, or being sensible for once in my life.
Hopefully the latter.

Oh well.

Back to writing.


potdoll said...

i reckon you need a producer - they will be able to talk finances on your behalf - and also sniff out any dodgy "producers!"

Eleanor said...

Hopefully Producer No#1 will be able to raise the finances, however he's currently up to his eyeballs with the rest of his slate. We have an informal verbal understanding in place though. And he's put a lot of work in on the project; so call me a crazy, niaive, innocent but I trust him.

Producer No#3 wanted to shop the script about, then take a finders fee and run ... but without optioning first (which as a crazy, niaive innocent I understand), but he also didn't want to talk about potential finances either, or communicate at all really - so he could have potentially effed up any deals Producer No#1 is juggling in the background.
If he'd wanted to talk / negotiate it could have been a happy ending where he and Producer No#1 got into bed together and came out a while later with a nice, new, baby film. Producer No#1 was open to this.

Heck, if he'd wanted to talk at all I'd at least have listened to what he had to say ... but apparently not.
He was very laconic.