Friday, 24 April 2009

The NEED to write.

I have just looked at the date, and realised it's nearly May!



Quarter of the year gone already, and I have done virtually nothing ... well okay the usual procrastination of watching film and TV that us writers like to call "research" - okay, it kinda counts, general absorbtion of story and story telling techniques - but not the focused research of an active project (at least not until this week). I've done some writing, some plotting, vaugue writing type stuff, dancing with producers, ... but nothing concrete, focused, driven ... and the NEED TO WRITE is beginning to tickle the back of my brain.
-- Bout time too.

I've been allowing life to get in the way so far this year; from end of January onwards, really.

And that's NOT. GOOD.

Have to apply a bit of focus and will power ... and make myself get on with it if I hope to stand a chance of achieving any of this year's plans.

I'm off to apply bum to seat.


Adaddinsane said...

It's worse than you think - 1/3rd of the year gone :-(

Michelle Lipton said...


Eight whole months left to go!

That's ages :)

Eleanor said...

Okay, so I'm not so hot on fractions. :)

1/3rd?!!! ARGH!!!!

Michelle, 8 months will fly by. Or do you have a stop-time machine? ;)