Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The day job.

Firstly, I have to say BLECH!

I've been doing really well in the limited amount of time I have to maintain actually writing every day. So Hoorah! ... Except for the last two days. *rolls eyes* Blech.

As blogged previously, I am "at risk of redundancy" in the remaining job, working as a telephone monkey. Yeah, it is as thrilling as it sounds. - - However, my employers in their wisdom have offered me the chance to retrain and broaden my skills into the role of telephone technical monkey solving customer enquires as to why the customer's computer just went BANG!

If you know me, you'll know that I can barely work the kettle without electrocuting myself, never mind allowing me to drive a computer ... one of my other personalities takes control of my hands and types my blog for me (and she ain't very technical either). - - Men in white coats? Where? Quick, leg it! ... Oh, it's only Igor again. Grrr!
"Not the criminal brain Igor! Piers has already told you about this, move along."

Anyhow, in their wisdom they are attempting to *rolls eyes* upskill me. Good luck with that, LOL. But as a result I am spending precious time researching computers and what makes them tick ... or even explode, (that part can be kind of fun) instead of spending that time writing.

So I'm not doing what I love, but I am doing what is needed for future earning ability. Blech. I wish life didn't involve these priority decisions. Or rather, I wish writing could win in these decisions every time, but until it starts paying its way ... *sigh*

Maybe I should investigate e-publishing for my tarot books ... ? Hmm ...

Maybe if I look at this as research for future story background ... Hmm. :)

Research, rather than retraining.

Research, that's far more palatable. :)


Sweetie Shop Owner said...

Ah the telephone monkey job - i loved my time as a monkey and dream someday i'll get back to it. I feel certain i will.

Eleanor said...




... I wish I had a sweet shop too.