Saturday, 17 January 2009

Credit crunched!

So, after I was made redundant from the factory job I thought I was going to be okay financially for a bit, at least until the end of January ...


However, my main job has just informed me that they have lost their contract with a company that I was handling sales and service enquiries for, and that I am now "at risk" of redundancy.

Deep joy.


No immediate panic though, as they are fighting hard for new business. And if they get it then I won't lose my job ... ... and they need to pay me for 4 weeks even if they do make me redundant, so I've got a month clear to find something else if worst comes to worst.

Now that I have cheaper rent I don't have to be so picky about wages, so theoretically this should be very survivable. The jobs are out there if you're not fussy ... although they are very thin on the ground where I live. Fingers crossed.

Great incentive for getting off my bottom and actually finish the rewrite I was supposed to be doing on the fantasy script last year, or maybe even get writing one of the other story ideas that I have in my HUGE pile of scripts-to-write notes.

Decisions, decisions.

Whatever the case, I'll be working on the American collaboration rewrite, and also finishing the last polish on my supernatural horror script for producer no#1 ... which is currently seeking investment (if you happen to have a spare $14 million lying around).

Goals for 2009?
* Find a new job
* Complete the American collaboration rewrite for producer no#2
* Finalise the sale/option of the supernatural horror screenplay
* Complete at least one more spec and get a producer seriously interested/sold
* Earn some money from my writing

Lofty goals, perhaps, but currently my attitude is "F*ck it! This is the year I make it happen!"

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