Friday, 12 September 2008

Quick update

Scotland was great. You should all visit!

Aberdeen was particularly fine. The granite city has everything on offer* including glorious long golden sandy beaches which are almost empty -- all the kids are indoors playing on their Wii's or something. The nutters. (*think of it, it's there - except maybe camel racing? But they could. Business opportunity for some fearless soul!) It even has some trecherous swell at the front of the harbour, which means that every boat that comes in has to have a pilot sent out to bring it in otherwise it's likely to smash itself to bits. Drama!

Aside from the castle trail and the distillery trail - what more could you need I ask. Aside from those, you've got all kinds of wildlife including buffalo and ostriches!
I dunno, you go to Scotland to see red squirrels, and instead you get buffalo... *rolls eyes*

Don't believe me, go see for yourselves!

... My attempt to hide didn't work though. I came back to notes, and crushing hope, because even if the script never sees the light of celluloid those notes are going to make the story a lot stronger. They've discussed it and everyone in the office still likes it, apparently, including their director who might just possibly maybe be interested in making it. Although they're reading other scripts at the moment as well. - - That's one effective torture system they've perfected there.
Screenwriter's life. ... I'd better get used to it.

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