Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Death by encouragement.


This can't be right.

They say they like it.
It has potential, but needs work in some areas - - as all scripts do.
They'll be discussing it this week and then they'll get back to me.

It must be a wind up. ... Or they're insane. ... Or my plan of beating all the other screenplays out of the competition by getting there first has worked! (Because while I have the delusion that I am good, I'll be the first to admit that I am not Joss Whedon - the lack of male bits kinda gives that away.)

Thank you Mr Barron for imparting true *secret* screenwriter wisdom in your blog! Being first is obviously the key to success! Hoorah!

*slap's self across cheek* Calm down woman. You're getting all over excited. They're just being polite. They really hate it. It's some perfected form of screenwriter torture that they've developed. And once they've discussed the screenplay, they'll come back with a pass. *heaves shoulders and sighs*

Okay, I'm off to hide in Scotland for a week. Maybe they'll have forgotten all about that dratted thing by the time I return? Then I can get back to my quietly hectic life of trying to squeeze enough time out of the day to actually sit in front of the laptop.

Way hey! Aberdeen here I come! :)

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