Saturday, 31 December 2011

To Twit, or not to Twit... Um, most likely 'not'

To end the year (well, nearly... I then wrote an Annual Round Up post on Boxing Day while my sister snored and I wondered how to fill up the time from ungodly o'clock to a slightly more reasonable time of the morning - - like noon!*) ... sorry, interrupted myself a bit there. *rolls eyes* I'll start again:

To end the year, I joined Twitter.

Not because I wanted to, but because I had a terror of waking up one day in January, like Phill to discover that I am not me! At least not on Twitter at any rate. So I took preemptive action and opened an account.
Kind of pointless really. ... I already twitter on about this and that in real life, and most people sensibly don't listen. And anyone who meets me for more than a few seconds can rapidly, easily, and accurately arrive at the conclusion that I am a bit of a twit. They're right. I am.
So, you should be aware, that I am extremely unlikely to tweet very much. If at all.


But if you haven't already decided to follow** a mostly unused account, then this is me: Eleanor

*And of course there's this post.... Hmm.

**you mad, flattering (fluttering?) fools!

I guess I'd better go and say, Hello???


Okay. Been there. Done that. Now, back to writing! (okay, maybe not quite writing, but I am doing research. Alright, stop pressuring me! The truth is, I'm watching Xena episodes on DVD. What? It might count as research? ... They tell some good stories, and it shows action scenes, er, in action. ... It was a Christmas present to myself, okay?. Move along now, nothing to see.)

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