Saturday, 29 May 2010

Darn it all people, I'm trying to procrastinate!

I dunno, you finish your most recent TV screenplay, and are about to embark on the science fiction feature you've been meaning to write for like, ages, but decide you need a little procrastination to get the brain working - as your first cup of coffee of the day has just woken you up enough to remind you that you've got to read through about a zillion pages of story notes that need to be collated, made sense of, and then thrown out, before you even start outlining....

So you get online, check out the interwebs, and discover a dead-zone.


Thanks, people. Now my options are down to Spider Solitaire, Mahjong, or watching the LOTR trilogy (long version) instead. Unfortunately the latter is a little more procrastination than I had in mind, and the two former are just about boring enough to send me back to sleep.


Where's that blinking Sudoku book got to?

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