Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lack of focus - a variation of writer's block?

I recently read one of Bill Martell's script tips on writer's block:

"But sometimes we experience writer's block because of things happening in our personal life that have nothing to do with our scripts. Often writer's block is a symptom of depression or anxiety in our every day life. As writers we use OURSELVES as our tools, so when things go wrong in real life it may screw up the writing, too. This is the hardest stuff to deal with, because even after you realize "Hey! The reason why I have writer's block is because I caught my wife in bed with my best friend!" that doesn't solve the problem. If you are fighting serious personal problems it will be difficult to find the energy to write. Financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, family problems - stuff like that takes time to get over. But sometimes you can find a scene that matches your mood and write that - use whatever your personal problems are to fuel your writing." Read the full script tip here.

It struck a real chord with me...and I realised that one of the varients of writer's block that he describes - excerpt above - is what is currently happening to me.


*gnashing of teeth*

I don't get writer's block. I refuse point blank. ... I shall use my personal crippling financial problems to fuel my writing. Okay, great.


How, do I do that exactly?

Between starving and getting evicted I mean... Okay, I exaggerate flagrantly. That's not actually happening.

In actual fact a second job is looking to become a reality -- in the heart of the wilds of Devon, even getting an interview is a bit of a miracle -- of course I could be jumping the gun, but I have a good feeling about this opportunity.

On the down side, it does mean I'll be working every hour there is. The up side is that it will keep the wolf away from the door. And junior doctors will probably still be jealous of the amount of down time I get... probably. And I can already feel my creative drive metaphorically opening a new pad of paper and sharpening its favourite pencil. :)

First things first though: murder all the competition so that I am the only applicant, and then shine at the interview. :)


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