Tuesday, 2 March 2010

5 Weeks Lost - A.K.A. PLAGUE

Blech is all I can say... just about... I'm still ill - with plague on top of the ongoing exhaustion and fatigue. (Probably because of them)

End of January I came down with a nasty lurgy, which then morphed into a throat infection, ulcers, the lot. It is quite disgusting, and seems to be affecting my ability to think creatively - or at all. Grump.

This is the 3rd set of different antibiotics that I'm on (don't even ask - all I can say is "Doctors, grrr.").

So that's 5 weeks lost to plague. I'm not happy about it.

This morning I'm functioning well enough brain-wise, but if other good days are anything to go by I'll be lucky if I still feel this way in 3 hours time.

Well, I'd better go put pen to paper while I'm feeling halfway alive.
February. (derisive) Hah!
Fricking bl**dy March already.

Anyone know a good snake-oil curative? I'm willing to try anything* at this stage.

[*well, okay, not anything, but most things - if it has a chance in Hades of clearing this vile pestilence.]

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