Friday, 6 March 2009

How to succeed in the business of writing

Ooh-er, what a title. That'll take some living up to....


But luckily Alex Epstein has already written the post for me! ;)

There's a link to Paul Graham's website under "creative types" in the side bar. He's definitely worth checking out. A lot of his advice on business startup type things either applies directly to life as a self-employed screenwriter, or gives an excellent metaphor for the same.

I'm currently - and have been for some time - falling foul of his point 10. Avoid distractions.
"Nothing kills startups like distractions. The worst type are those that pay money: day jobs,..."

*rolls eyes*

Best get back to the day job then ... *sigh*


Racicot said...

Hello Eleanor...

What news on your horror spec? You did write a horror spec, no?


Eleanor said...

Hi Racicot,

Yep! :)

I've been meaning to post about it, but I'm waiting on news ... in the meantime, I'm afraid I'm going to remain a little mysterious about it. It's been a rocky ride, but... well, but....

I may do a mini-post about some of the shinnanigans that happened around Christmas in the near future.

And there's other stuff brewing too... *rolls eyes*