Monday, 31 December 2007

2007 ... What happened?

Erm, I procrastinated a lot?

Actually, I procrastinated a lot less than usual. Which is progress of a sort. :) Well that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I actually managed to finish a screenplay, which is something I haven't done for a few years now. Mainly because I decided to get off my arse and actually write one, rather than just fanny about with ideas, and characters, and scenes.

I wrote my first outline this year. Which probably explains why I managed to actually write a screenplay; rather than getting part way through, discovering a bunch of problems and putting it aside to deal with later -- after a suitably long period of contemplation ... usually somewhere between years and never.
I have stacks of these. *rolls eyes* You'd think I'd have cottoned on earlier.

I started this blog as part of an effort to force myself to finish the screenplay. -- It worked! Success! :)

I entered South West Screen's writer development competition on purpose, and didn't place as a winner or runner up. They kind of liked it but said it needs a tonne of work before it will be filmable.

I put the script on TriggerStreet for some feedback, and accidentally found myself nominated as a runner up for the Script Of The Month competition in October! The professional coverage I won as a result of that basically slapped me about for having the audacity to enter a first draft for feedback, and said it needs a tonne of work before it will be filmable. I'm noticing a common theme here. :)

I decided to put together an application to the UK Film Council for funding ... that hasn't happened yet, so that's moved on to my list of things to do for 2008.

What else did I achieve this year?

Well, one of the problems with moving back to the West Country and deciding you need a job that will allow you time to write ... is that jobs like that in the wilds of Devon are not that easy to come by, or any job for that matter. Heck just getting an interview in the wilds of Devon is an achievement all by itself! -- After you've applied for a job you have over 7 years experience in and are pretty darned good at thank you very much, for the umpteenth time, and have been pipped to the post by someone with more experience than you, for the umpteenth time, aside from the obvious question: Where are all these other over qualified F**KERS coming from?, you tend to get a little dispirited.
But next year looks promising: After a succession of temporary part time jobs, I finally landed one in a field I'm actually qualified for (from my early forays into the job market, way back when), and which I have been informed will become a permanent full time job in mid to late January. The wage isn't the suckiest wage out there, but it's close, and it's gonna be difficult to live on. However, 4 days on, 3 days off, means that I will at least get some proper time for writing. Hooray!

So, you ask, why am I trying to work in a field that isn't writing related? Hey, I've got to keep a roof over my head and eat. If I could get a writing related job, I would, but they just aren't available where I am. And right now I need to be here, surrounded by greenery and wholesome country goodness. It's a deep inner need, the same way writing is a deep inner need.
But you can write for people who live a long way off, and post in your work.
Yeah, right.
If you can track those employers down and get a steady income from it, good for you. I haven't managed to conquer that part of the writing field yet. I keep trying, but so far nothing regular, or well paid enough, to actually live off.

But next year, next year looks promising. And it starts tomorrow!

Guess I'd better get off my arse and get a proper writing regime up and running.

So, what are your plans for 2008?

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